Circle Pendant Necklace – A Timeless And All Purpose Jewelry Item

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circle pendant necklace

Jewelry has for long been a way for women to enhance and express their beauty and in many cases, even the unique personality of the wearers. Amongst the various types of jewelry items that have been donned by women over the years, necklaces are perhaps the most popular. Most women prefer the extremely stylish and lightweight circle pendant necklace that is perfect for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. There are several different designs and varieties of these necklaces that you can choose from to get an appealing and elegant look. Given below are the details of some common types of these beautiful necklaces that you can add to your jewelry collection.

Sterling Silver Circle Ring Necklaces

Sterling silver exudes a unique grace which is further enhanced when it is worn in the form of a simple circle pendant necklace. The simple design creates a classic look that works magic to make you the center of attraction wherever you go. Deigned to be extremely light in weight and durable, you can wear this jewelry item in everyday use, on an outing with friends or keep it for some special occasion, when you need to shine with simple elegance.

Personalized Circle Disc Pendant Necklaces

These necklaces are designed with a personal touch which can be in the form of a name or image engraved on the solid circular disc pendant. These elegant necklaces are a perfect gift for someone you love and want them to remember you always. You can choose from a variety of metals for the solid disc, including sterling silver, rose gold and even brass. The solid discs are unique from other circular pendants and hold great philosophical significance as they represent the unending circle of love and trust.

Circle Pendants Necklaces With Druzy Crystals

In case you want to enhance your style quotient, you can choose circular pendant necklaces featuring the dazzling druzy crystals. These crystals add to the unique appeal and gorgeousness of the necklace while maintaining its simplicity and elegance. You can choose a pendant featuring a single druzy crystal enclosed within a rose gold or streling silver encasing. You can also opt for a circle ring pendant embossed with tiny druzy crystals.

Locket Type Circle Pendant Necklaces

The trend of wearing locket type Circle Pendant Necklaces featuring pictures of you and your partner or maybe your kids, is not new. However, while the earlier pendants were mostly shaped like heart or even chorus, over the past several years, the trend of wearing circular lockets has become quite a rage. These lockets offer the same functionality as that of the heart shaped or chorus lockets, they are not easily distinguishable from other pendant necklaces.